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About the Product Ideal for people recovering from an injury or surgery on the ankle of the foot or leg, as well as amputees below the knee.

Our adjustable knee scooter is one of the most proven knee walkers and confidence in the industry and an excellent alternative to crutches. Excellent stability and control when maneuvering – these steerable knee walkers provide a hand brake adjustable closure and rear disc brake. Ideal for indoor and outdoor scooter adjustable kneeling knee walker has four steerable Knee Scooter.
Also features handlebar with quick folding mechanism for easy transport and storage. Fully adjustable handlebar and platform knee knee is light but tough walker provides a robust weight capacity of 300 pounds and is recommended for people with heights 5 ‘- 6’6.

Overall Length: 1085mm
Overall Width: 690mm
Overall Height: 920mm
Frame Material: Aluminum Paint
Material: Aerospace Aluminum
Max Load: 100kg
Seat Depth: 400mm
Seat Width: 465mm
Seat Height: 470mm
Net Weight: 13kg
Net Weight(packaging): 14.5kg


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